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an egregious dark ambient electronic music project by  Benoît Mussche  Бенуа Мюш

Greetings, traveler! I'm Бенуа, a Belgian composer living in St-Petersburg, who crafts music hands on with sounds created from scratch.

In my craft, I use Soma Laboratory's Lyra-8, The Pipe, Cosmos, and the ancient Soviet-era Formanta Поливокс.

Transient & Eerie is my dark ambient music project, with occasional special guest stars

featured (a.k.a. 'feat.', or 'ft.') in tunes designed to give space to their talent.

Get Transient & Eerie albums and singles on most online music stores: Youtube MusiciTunesSpotify - Tidal - Deezer - VK or search your music streaming platform for "Transient & Eerie".

You may not find me easily, as some streaming platforms suffer from ampersand ("&") challenges.

Below, you may find my video clips and documentary films scored with original music, as well as a stream of essential photographs.

Further, there is my contact information, Russian-speaking press about my films and music, some history about Transient & Eerie.

For statements about the war Ukraine wilfully provoked with Russia, please see my Youtube channel.

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